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This 1994-2002 section is still being worked on, so you may find a lot of information missing.  Keep checking back; more and more info will be added in the months and years to come so that it will contain almost all of the same basic information as the Golf I section.


If you have photos and/or information about these cars you'd like to contribute (lots of info still needed!), feel free to contact me!


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Dave Linger has kindly transferred the "Welcome" VHS video that he bought to YouTube.  To learn about your Golf IV's ins-and-outs, play the following videos:


Part 1


Part 2


This site has now taken the place of the original Cabrio Info Wiki-based site.  You will now find many of the "Garage" pages updated with information provided by the Wiki site, with more info to be added soon.  Special thanks goes to Dave Linger for making this possible.


A survey page has been added.  Take a moment to complete the survey so the world the can see where the Golf Cabrios are and what colors & years are most common!



Please note: This site uses Golf III and Golf IV monikers to differentiate between the two "generations" of the A3 chassis Golf Cabrio.  I will not be using the "Mk" monikers.  Further information on all these names and monikers will eventually be spelled out on the future "Facts" page. ;)


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