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 The same, but different

When Volkswagen debuted the A4 chassis Golf for the 1999.5 model year, the Cabrio remained on the A3 chassis but received a facelift so that it looked like the Golf IV.


Golf III Golf IV

 Swapping OEM parts

When needing to replace body parts, or wanting to modify, keep the following in mind:


Golf III Cabrios

Golf IV Cabrios

Headlights, taillights, bumpers, hood, radiator support and mirrors are the same as the Golf III hard-tops.


Fenders and trunk lid are Golf III Cabrio-specific.

Headlights, side-marker lights and side-repeater lights are the same as the Golf IV hard-tops.


Taillights are Golf III/Cabrio.


Bumpers, bumper covers, trunk lid, grille, hood, and fenders are Golf IV Cabrio-specific.  These same Golf hard-top & Jetta IV parts will not fit on your Cabrio without major modification.

The two Cabrios can swap the following parts with each other:

  • Tops: The tops are the same, except the later Golf IV tops have a window that is fused into the top (from VIN 1K007892; see the top page for further info).

  • Wheels: All Golf III and Golf IV Cabrios share the same wheel size (4x100 bolt pattern; see the wheels page for further info).

  • Doors

  • Windows: All Golf III and Golf IV Cabrios share the same side window glass (front and rear).

Have a Golf III Cabrio and want to make it look like a Golf IV Cabrio?  Make it easy on yourself and your wallet by just selling your Golf III Cabrio and buying a Golf IV Cabrio.  You basically have to replace the entire front end (fenders, hood, radiator support, headlights, grille, bumper and bumper cover) and rear end (quarter panels, trunk lid, bumper, bumper cover); you're actually better off just replacing the whole car.


The Golf IV Cabrio's name badges are merely glued on.  If desired, these badges can be easily removed and/or new/different ones glued on in their place.


 Roof rack

The OEM roof rack is no longer available new from Volkswagen dealers.  However, used racks may be available via eBay, VWvortex.com classifieds, etc. 


The part number for this rack is 1E0071126.


Maximum load weight for this rack is 110 lbs. (50 kg).


 Opening the hood when the latch breaks
If the hood latch does not pop the hood, first see if the cable is broken at the handle. If it is, you should be able to grasp it with pliers to pull it and open the hood.

If the cable is still attached to the handle, the cable is likely broken somewhere inside the engine compartment. You will likely not be able to get to it without removing the grille. You can do this by grasping the bottom of the grille and pulling. There are two tabs on the bottom that should come loose. There are two remaining connectors on the top. They will have to be broken, as the screws that go into them come down from beneath the hood. With care and luck, the grille should come off with minimal damage and it can later be reinstalled. With the grille off, use a socket extender and a 13mm socket to remove the two latch bolts. You will then be able to raise the hood and release the latch. Reinstall the latch and the grille, and fix the cable!

Thank you to the original Cabrio-Info site for this information.

 Aftermarket parts

All: Rear spoiler by Mattig

Golf IV: Badgeless grille by Mattig


Reminder: Hardtop Golf IV aftermarket body parts will not fit your 1999.5-2002 Golf IV Cabrio!


Thank to you to the original Cabrio-Info site for this information.

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